At Home

Our girl

Our daughter was born at home. We planned it that way, though as it turns out, it would’ve happened whether we wanted it to or not.

Just a day or two after her due date, we were eating pizza out in a restaurant. I felt some contractions, but didn’t think much of them. We went to bed that night about 11:00pm, and just before I went to sleep, I felt another one, stronger. But, being nine months’ pregnant and a mom to a two year old,  I was tired, and I fell asleep.

Another hour or so later, I was woken up by contractions. I thought I’d let Mark sleep awhile, like I did with my first child, because labor takes time. My first labor was 12 hours long. The only problem was that I was timing my contractions, and it didn’t take long before they were getting more painful and closer together, maybe 2-3 minutes apart. I was moving around too much, and Mark woke up.

He timed a couple contractions and called the midwife. She said I should go in the shower to see if labor was real, so I did. I wasn’t in there very long before I started to feel “pushy.” Just an impulse to bear down. That scared me. She lived half an hour away.

Mark called the midwife again, and she was on her way. Mark put the plastic sheet on the bed, while I got on all fours on the floor next to the bed, because it was the only position that was comfortable. I put my hand between my legs, and I could feel her head crowning. I said to Mark, “I can feel the head.” He said, “No, you can’t.” Soon enough though, he realized I could, because he could see her head.  He got on the phone with the midwife, and she talked him through delivering our baby girl. He had to hold her until I had another contraction because the cord wasn’t that long.  We left the cord intact until the midwife got there, maybe ten minutes after she was born.  That was how my girl came into the world. We didn’t have an ultrasound during the pregnancy, so we didn’t know what she would be. She was born with dark brown hair, unlike Nate, who was blond at birth. She was beautiful, 8lbs. 15oz.

I was glad ultimately that we planned to have her at home, because otherwise, she would have been born in the car on the way to the hospital, and that is definitely one place that seems even less comfortable than at home.  My husband was so brave. He didn’t have time to think or freak out, but he just did what the midwife told him to do over the phone, and he did it all calmly and lovingly. I am so grateful for him. He made sure that everything was ok.

Now my girl is a beautiful 13 year old, and I am blessed beyond measure to have her for my daughter. She is extremely smart, talented, funny, loves animals, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, and reading. I am blessed to be her mom and watch her grow up.  Happy birthday, Rachel!


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