I took this picture on Christmas Eve at the Service of Lessons and Carols. I was so pleased with how my camera took this very low light picture. Gloria Dei is a beautiful church, we’re a close knit family, and I am blessed to receive God’s gifts here.  God loves me well through this church, and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank Him for Gloria Dei. It was a beautiful service!

We had the best Christmas that we’ve had in a few years.  Last Christmas was tough because we just got back from Israel, I was sick, we had no pastor. The year before, we just heard a really great sermon from Pastor Matt on Christmas Day, but then Rachel fainted in the bathroom and had the stomach flu after that for the rest of the day.  So, while we were thankful for all our blessings, they weren’t the best Christmases.

This year was filled with love and joy. We all felt well, we attended all three church services, and had a fun and relaxing Christmas day. We ate duck, and I made my mom’s best jello (which is always requested at every holiday). It felt relaxing. I am grateful for my family, the new friends I have made this year, the “old” friends that stay with me, the hiking I have been able to do, the work that I have been able to do at church, and my health.

I have to admit to having a bit of writer’s block about this blog lately. I started it when I was processing two very specific things: our call process and our trip to Israel. Now, I am processing neither of those, and it’s difficult to find time to write a substantial post every couple weeks. I think those kind of posts will continue to come, because I’m always thinking about my faith, but less frequently. So instead of putting pressure on myself to write so much, I thought that I’ll also start posting some of the pictures that I have been taking and also write about some of the hiking I’m doing, both things that I also claim no special talent for, but that I really enjoy.

God bless you in this new year!


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